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Important Beer Related Business

If you have ever been part of any company or project you know that there are always two names for it: the official name and the name that all of the organizers, staff, and participants use when referring to it. In this case the Hill Country Craft Beer Festival at Schlitterbahn taking place Saturday, September 21 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. is known around the office as “Beerfest”. I even had to write this note the other day:

As a follower of the Schlitterbahn Blog, you can call it Beerfest too. But if anyone asks make sure to tell them it is the Hill Country Craft Beer Festival. Because it isn’t just about beer tasting.

So you decided you want to come to Beerfest!

  • There are lots of activities, LIVE MUSIC! FROM JASON HURTA AND THE REFORMED! prize giveaways, food, drinks, and fun in the festival grounds.
  • Admission is free for everyone!

What about the beer? I want to know more about the beer!

There will be a small charge to taste the craft beer. Schlitterbahn’s Regular beer selection will be available for purchase.

And as both names suggest, it will be a Festival of Beer.  Taking place at the Riverbahn Area of Schlitterbahn (The Rapids by the River), the festival will feature 10 brewers from across Texas ranging from well known labels to brand new brewers. You can even taste beer brewed right here in New Braunfels.