Planning YOUR Schlitterbahn Trip

Whether you’re a family of four, a group of teens, or a flock of friends, there are certain tips that will help make the most of your trip to Schlitterbahn. You are welcome to peruse our ride page to get the low down on some of our favorites, our resort page to plan a nice big vacation, or our from the heart page to get some inside scoop. But if you want a quick guide to all our planning posts, you are in the right post. These are blog posts that will help you plan YOUR perfect trip – depending...

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The Congo River Expedition

Congo River Expedition is a ride like no other here at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels. Like our other themed rides, the Congo River allows our guests to follow along to a story while enjoying the water. For the most part, the Congo River is a slow flowing river ride. There is a decently sized drop in the middle, and the longer you ride it, the more rapids you’ll encounter. Like many of the other rides located in the original part of Schlitterbahn NB, Congo uses water from the Comal River to fill its slides. Because of this, the water can feel a little bit chilly compared to our more traditional pools. (Not necesssarily a bad thing on our 100°+ days!) Another cool thing about the Congo is its actual access to the Comal River! The Congo has a couple different entrances and exits (so you can float as long as you want really), but the offical end is all the way down at the Comal. The Congo river even flows through our resort, which means that if you’re staying with us you can essentially float to your room at the end of the day. Make sure you grab one of our black tubes before you hop in the line, which is located right inside our Wave entrance of Schlitterbahn West. Since it is one of our classic rides, the line...

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Summer ’17: Top 5 Retail Items

The most essential part of any visit to Schlitterbahn is picking up some swag at one of our gift shops so that you have something to take home with you to remind you of your trip after you’ve left. Each season, our retail department offers some of the most popular new items for you to purchase at any of our numerous shops! (Pro-tip: visit this link to plan out which gift shop to go to because each one offers slightly different options) For this summer (2017) we’ve consulted with some of our Retail managers to pick out the top 5 most popular and bestselling items from Schlitterbahn New Braunfels. FIDGET SPINNERS. Need I say more? I’m not entirely sure when fidget spinners became “a thing” but they are currently a full-blown cultural phenomenon. If you don’t have one yet, you’re in luck! They are a brand new addition to our Schlitterbahn gift shops! We have plenty of different colors (and even some that light up!) so everyone can find one that they like. I wouldn’t advise taking your spinner with you on any of the rides at Schlitterbahn (safety hazard!) but it’s an extremely addicting way to pass the time while you’re chilling out at your picnic table taking a break. FANNY PACKS. Okay so people have mixed opinions on fanny packs, but I say there’s no better place...

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Galveston Island: Top 5 Rides/Attractions

As you may have noticed by now, here at Schlitterbahn we have been trying to compile a list of the top five rides/attractions from each of our five waterparks. At Schlitterbahn Galveston Island, having fun is a year-long business. With part of the park being indoors and heated, you can enjoy some of the rides even in the middle of winter. Adrianne Newman, Director of Operations at Schlitterbahn GI, gave us her list of her top five must-do rides at the park!   “It’s the world’s tallest water coaster! Enough said.”  Massiv is 81 ft and 6.75 inches tall, making it the record breaker for tallest water coaster. To get to the top, you have to climb over 120 steps. The slide is about 3 football fields in length if it were stretched out side to side. “The drop makes me scream every time!” The Travel Channel featured Rohr on the show “Xtreme Waterparks,” so keep that in mind when you get ready to ride. Rohr is a body slide (the pink one below) that takes a vertical plunge from the top of a 70 ft tall tower, down a 244 foot-long slide to the bottom. Speeds can reach up to 30 mph!   Faust und Furious. “It’s a super-fast speed slide!” Faust und Furious (below in blue) is technically two slides, which means you can race your friends...

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New Braunfels Top 5 Rides

We could sit here for hours trying to argue what ride races in at number one for the best ride at Schlitterbahn. However, instead of sitting here for hours on end until we start seeing dots, we went straight to an expert. Justin Loehr, Director of Operations for the New Braunfels Park, gave us the insider scoop on what rides are a must when visiting and his personal favorites! Pull up a tube, relax, and get ready to discover a whole new world.   Hillside Tube Chute 1. Hillside Tube Chute – This is my favorite ride at the...

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Master Blaster AKA The World’s Most Acclaimed Uphill Water Coaster

The Master Blaster. Words that strike excitement (or fear) in the hearts of people all across the state of Texas and even across much of the southern United States. If you’ve ever been to Schlitterbahn you’ve heard stories of the Master Blaster, you’ve seen the Master Blaster, and maybe you’ve even ridden the Master Blaster. It’s probably the highest thrill ride you’ll encounter at the waterpark. (The official attraction page tags it as “scary” with “big drops” and “high speed.”) It’s also a Red Diamond on our map which indicates the highest level of thrill so that people are forewarned that it’s not for the faint of heart! Some facts about the Master Blaster: Located on the Blast Tower, it’s arguably our most popular ride, and definitely our most awarded one. On our busiest summer days, the line for the ride can wrap all the way down the tower, which can mean well over an hour wait until you get to the top. Part of the reason for the long wait is due to the rafts that the Master Blaster uses. Rather than using tubes like most of our other rides, this slide requires rafts that look more like little boats. They’re heavier than an average tube and limited in number, so to get them to the top of the Blast Tower we use a giant conveyer belt. The...

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Kansas City: Top 5 Rides/Attractions

So we’ve asked the experts at each of our five Schlitterbahn Waterparks to give us a list of their top five rides/attractions for each of the waterparks. By experts we are referring to our fantastic Operations teams, who make sure our parks are running smoothly and all of our guests are being safe and having fun! For Kansas City specifically, we got the opinion of one our ops managers Marshall! Marshall has been working at Schlitterbahn for five seasons now, so he has a couple years of experience in him and has made his list wisely. Here they are, in no particular order:   The Torrent River! It’s a wave pool and a lazy river combined into one attraction! Marshall says, “it’s relaxing and thrilling all at the same time! It’s a fan favorite among the guests AND the staff.” The Torrent River had its debut in 2009. Storm Blaster! “It’s the only uphill water coaster in the Midwest! It’s a very unique innovative way to enhance guest’s perceptions of a tube slide.” The Storm Blaster also debuted in 2009 and was one of the main attractions when the park first opened that year! The Boogie Bahn! “It’s the only surf ride in the Midwest! It’s a lot of fun because it’s literally a thing sheet of water spraying in your face the entire time you’re surfing. Once you...

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What to bring to the Bahn?

Summer is here (!!!) and that means you’re probably getting ready to think about what you need to bring to Schlitterbahn when you come visit. If you haven’t started thinking about what you should bring, don’t worry! Here are a couple suggestions on things you may need: First of all, the obvious: I cannot stress enough that you need to bring flippie floppies (or literally any other kind of shoe) when you come to Schlitterbahn this Summer. Even if you don’t think you need to wear shoes while you’re at the waterpark, think again! Schlitterbahn covers over 70 acres in New Braunfels, which means at some point you are going to have to get out of the water and walk on the concrete between rides. In 100° weather that gets pretty hot! Avoid doing the awkward hopping from one foot to another dance and bring shoes! You’ll thank me later… Bring your sunglasses, but CAUTION: don’t lose your sunglasses. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve found a pair of sunglasses at the bottom of the Kristal River, and not just the plastic souvenir ones either. Make sure you’re protecting your eyes from the glare of the water but if you have a prescription pair or an expensive pair you want to show off, invest in a sunglasses strap to keep them more secure around your neck! Bring food!...

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A Knight in Shining Armor of the Bahn – Black Knight

  Do you like the dark? Do twist and turns excite you? Does the prospect of riding an awesome water slide make you stand up at your desk and cheer? Wonderful, then the Black Knight is for you. If you said no to any of these especially the dark thing, don’t be fearful, grab a buddy because this rides perfect for two! Now that you have your buddy before you ride, here’s the inside scoop on all things Black Knight.       1. Give me the deets! The Black Knight is a totally enclosed water slide that is...

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Summer Intern Battle

This summer, season two of the communication interns are facing off in a summer-long battle. Read on to learn about this exhilarating competition!

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Racing Through the Facts of Downhill Racer

If you’ve ever had the immense joy of stepping through the gates of Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, then I’m sure you’ve gazed upon the iconic slides coming down from the castle. If you didn’t know, those four slides happen to have a name. Downhill Racer to be specific. So, now that you’re here, let me give you the inside scoop on the Downhill Racer.     1.      First things first, what in the world is a downhill racer? The Downhill Racer is four dueling slides side-by-side that plunge from the top of the Castle Entrance. Riders slide down using a foam...

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“We Loved Schlitterbahn!”

There is something for everyone at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels! Young and old. Our favorite ride was The Falls. This is one massive lazy river with several different features. You can circle the whole east side (new side) of the park and never have to get out of your tube. There are rapids and slow parts. This was great for our family consisting of two adults, a 10 year old and a 2 year old. We all could ride together and there was some thrill and some laziness. There are lots of big water roller coasters too for the thrill seekers.

There are lots of different areas for small children. My 10 y/o and I would go on the big rides and my husband would hang with the 2 y/o and we would switch. I recommend planning 2 days minimum to experience it all. We did the East side the first day and the West side the second day. There is a free tram that will take you back and forth from park to park. The west side is spring fed water and it's extremely cold, even in the heat of the summer.

We stayed off site and when we go back we will book a room at the resort for convenience sake. It's not that much more expensive for an "economy" room and admission is included in the price. Also, you get access to the park an hour earlier this way. This can help you stake out your spot of loungers and get in line for the rides with the big crowd draw.

They allow you to bring your own cooler of food and water. This is a great way to save on meals and snacks. We just left it at our chairs and no one ever bothered it.

We will definitely be back!

- GlitterButton, TripAdvisor June 2016, Moore, OK

Mar. 1, 2017

“Lived here 33 years. Here’s the lowdown”

I've lived in New Braunfels for 33 years. Here is my take on Schlitterbahn. It's a fun place for families or singles. It is in two sections so if you get tired of one you can go to another via shuttle. Lots and lots of different rides ranging from just floating to wild ones. There are sections in both parks for young children with lounge chairs for moms and dads. This is my one big tip: go the first week in June or wait until late August. During the height of the season lines can be long and it's very hot here. Wear water shoes as you'll be doing the hot asphalt dance if you don't have any, bring sunblock, etc. They let coolers in so park somewhere where all family members can meet. It's been my experience that theft is minimal and for our family we have never had a problem. Hope this helps and have fun!

- Rebecca K., TripAdvisor August 2016, San Antonio, TX

Mar. 1, 2017

“Great place to spend your Summer!”

I make it a point to invest in season passes for my entire family year after year. This place offers plenty of shade, bring your own food, (a must for that busy mom) and of course attraction for all ages. Every life guard is professionally trained and has hours of continuing education per year. I can not rave on their customer service enough, the entire staff from front entrance to gift shop employees are very professional and helpful. Blessed to live so close to one of the Worlds BEST (if not the best) waterparks.

- JulietM3331BW, TripAdvisor August 2016, New Braunfels, TX

Mar. 1, 2017