Everyone knows that this is Santa’s busy season.  What you may not know is Santa Claus loves to surf!!

For the average person these weeks leading up to Christmas can be pretty stressful.  But imagine the workload Santa has every year!  Running a global enterprise, managing a crew of mischievous elves and tasting every type of cookie imaginable – it’s a demanding job.  Santa claims “I have to stay active throughout the holiday season leading up to The Big Day.”  Surfing the Boogie Bahn wave at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark is Santa’s preferred method of handling the pressure of December deadlines.

Schlitterbahn Galveston is very proud to offer Santa Claus the perfect place to relax and unwind while providing a welcome break from the frigid conditions at the North Pole.   Who knew Santa would be such an expert at riding the waves?  Our staff of experts ranks Surfing Santa as one of the best Boogie Bahn riders they have ever seen!  We know you will be just as impressed as we are.

Guests can meet Surfing Santa and enjoy his performances riding the Boogie Bahn at Schlitterbahn Galveston each operating day at 1pm and 3pm from now until Dec 23.

Ho ho ho!