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Meet Mamba and Cobra – the Screaming Serpents

  You'll be happy to know that our  Screaming Serpents now have names - just like any fraternal twins they deserve ...
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Drama Behind the Drama: Verrückt Officially Named the World’s Tallest Waterslide

Friday April 25th was a BIG day for the Schlitterbahn and Kansas City, Kansas team. After months of planning, designing, and ...
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Construction Diaries: Galveston – Fangs

For years, the F5 has been that ride in Galveston. The one you and your fellow thrill seekers look at ...
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Construction Diaries: Galveston – Something Twisted This Way Comes

You may remember that something large went missing in Galveston.   The good news is something is rising on the ...
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Friday is Verrückt’s Big Day

How tall is Verrückt?   We've been keeping it a secret for a long time. But on Friday, April 25th, ...
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Construction Diaries: Corpus Christi – Swim up bar and Chute!

In Corpus Christi our crews have had some real fun lately putting the finishing touches on what has to be ...
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Construction Diaries: New In Galveston

What’s going on?  Recently, large shipments began arriving at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island and speculation is running wild. Are those sections ...
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Corpus Christi Top FAQ’s: You asked, we answered!

When is opening day? Waterparks and theme parks have one huge disadvantage when it comes to building – all our stuff ...
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Construction Diaries: Galveston

Locals on Galveston Island were greeted with a strange sight last week--two of our slides had vanished!  The fiberglass sections that ...
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The Shutdown Countdown

The clock is ticking for Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark.  Each January and February when our park is closed you'd think ...
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Construction Diaries: Corpus Christi – An Aerial Update

Construction continues as the holiday's clear.  Schitterbahn Corpus Christi continues to take shape. Recently, with the help of a remote ...
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Construction Diaries: Corpus Christi – The Heart of a Tidal Wave River

Corpus Christi, Texas: A massive concrete structure begins to emerge along a canal and a few sand dunes on North ...
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