One of the most asked questions I get on social is, “where can I get discounted tickets?” It’s never really been our company philosophy to discount our tickets. We’d rather give them away free. There’s one caveat however, (because there always is): you’ve got to be social.

I don’t mean social in the sense of the person who’s at every function or party, but in the online social space, such as Facebooktwitter or instagram. For those of you that are fans of our Facebook page you’ll notice that we recently broke out  our Facebook so each park has its own space and content to hang out with you!

Here’s how folks have won FREE tickets in the past (don’t worry if you missed these we will be running contest weekly!):

Kansas City fans! All you had to do was tag a friend to be in the running to win a VIP 4 pack to the waterpark.



New Braunfels…Like your favorite ride in you’re in. Bam. Done.





Galveston: Caption this photo for a chance for a free ticket.



South Padre Island peeps: Tag a friend you want to have a getaway with!



Now tell us what contest you think we should run! We want to hear from YOU! #bahnlove