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Now it looks like a ride! In case you haven’t been keeping up, you may not know that Verrückt is not a wedgie producing body slide. That’s not how we do things at Schlitterbahn. We prefer our rides to be the type guests can enjoy together. So a ginormous slide like Verrückt will have an equally large raft – a four seater.


Here’s a recent photo of a raft with our very able KC team aboard.


Oh sure, they all look very calm with the raft on the ground. Just wait until they hop in at the top of the tower. Note: the raft will require four people every ride. Interestingly enough, several people we’ve polled said they’d go with friends but not by themselves. Proving once again that insanity loves company!


A large raft like this needs a large conveyor system. Since Verrückt is a one of a kind ride, we had to invent the conveyor that could carry up the rafts about 17 stories in the air.


The conveyor is pretty impressive running alongside the ground.



But it’s even more impressive running up along the slide:



Here’s the Verrückt profile shot

131114 - Verruckt 2

And while that’s definitely impressive, we think this angle is the one that’s the most thrilling:


131114 - Verruckt 4

Funny how it doesn’t look so steep from the side, isn’t it?

And with no further ado, here is our latest teaser.

Verrückt – KC 2014 from Schlitterbahn Waterparks on Vimeo.

So tell us – will you be there on opening day? r u INSANE?

Verrückt will also be featured on the Travel Channel. The exclusive one-hour special following the design and construction of the world’s tallest water slide, Verrückt in Kansas City, KS, will launch a new season of “Xtreme Waterparks” on Travel Channel this summer. The special features waterpark innovator Jeff Henry.