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Construction Diaries: Corpus Christi – An Aerial Update

Construction continues as the holiday’s clear.  Schitterbahn Corpus Christi continues to take shape. Recently, with the help of a remote control helicopter and a small plane, we were given a great view of the entire project from the air! Just off of South Padre Island Drive, the entrance to the new park can be seen taking shape at the corners of Compass Street and Commodores Drive on North Padre Island. We can see the entry building just above a pond on one end and the tidal wave river being completed on the far end.     The Tidal Wave...

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Construction Diaries: Corpus Christi – The Heart of a Tidal Wave River

Corpus Christi, Texas: A massive concrete structure begins to emerge along a canal and a few sand dunes on North Padre Island. What was once was the 12th hole of Padre Isles Golf Course, is now transforming into the heart of Schlitterbahn’s newest Tidal Wave River. A concrete pump-truck uses its lengthy boom to extend a pour on one of the final section of the Tidal Wave River, a wave river that flows the entire length of the river system. The Tidal Wave River in New Braunfels’ Blastenhoff was always a favorite attraction of mine growing up, but the one...

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Construction Diaries: Corpus Christi – A Living Construction Site

Most people don’t describe construction as an “organic” process, but Schlitterbahn’s Corpus Christi construction site is alive. Everyday the ideas, plans, and structures in the field change and evolve as they are built. The constant improvements can be quick alterations or in-depth and all encompassing processes; all share the goal of adding to the unique feel and entertainment value of the park. Earlier this week, one of these improvements could be seen in action. A large crane was commissioned to raise a frame for the top floor of the main entry building by almost four feet. General Manager Stan Hulse...

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Construction Diaries – Corpus Christi: A little background

It’s hard to beat the excitement about the building of our newest park in Corpus Christi. We knew we were going to have some big fans, but when 500 people showed up for our groundbreaking, even our enthusiastic crew was taken aback.     We ran out of everything because we foolishly planned for 300 (which was already 3 times more people than we ever have at a ground breaking). But Corpus is AWESOME. Everyone was there.   Mr. Bob, as we call our founder, Mr. Bob Henry, noted that he’s always wanted to build a park in Corpus...

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You Are an Eagle: You Can Soar!

One of the best ways to see Schlitterbahn is from 100 feet…straight…UP! Chris Ozimek, Marketing Director at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island and one of the first to ride Galveston’s Soaring Eagle answered some of my questions about what it is like to fly like an Eagle.  But first here is a video of it! Me: How does the zipline work exactly? Chris: Similar to a ski lift, you actually sit on the ride. First you soar backward and then you zip forward in the air at speeds reaching 30 mph. Me: What can you see – if you don’t keep...

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“Worth the off season price!”

I stayed in the luxury tree house during off season. It is nestled amongst the tremendous water park which is currently closed. The tree house itself was immaculate on the inside. The beds are amazing and the furniture has the tree house look. You actually check in at a location off site which went very smooth. ...Off season this place is QUIET!!! Great sleeping. There is a river running along your tree house. I would imagine in season the noise level would be another story but then again your staying inside a water park. I can't imagine this not being heaven for any kid in the middle of summer. --Bookiepoo, TripAdvisor

Dec. 31, 2015

Schlitterbahn Rocks

Every since visiting the original Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, I've been a fan of these water parks and have returned often. In 2014, we bought a season pass to the park in Galveston and visited at least 10 times. My daughter loves it and constantly asks to go back ...
Overall, Schlitterbahn is worth the time and money. In my opinion, the park in Galveston is just as good as the one in New Braunfels. So go and stay all day! Have fun! --Joseph, Trip Advisor for Galveston location

Jan. 5, 2016

“Great place to spend your Summer!”

I make it a point to invest in season passes for my entire family year after year. This place offers plenty of shade, bring your own food, (a must for that busy mom) and of course attraction for all ages. Every life guard is professionally trained and has hours of continuing education per year. I can not rave on their customer service enough, the entire staff from front entrance to gift shop employees are very professional and helpful. Blessed to live so close to one of the Worlds BEST (if not the best) waterparks.

- JulietM3331BW, TripAdvisor August 2016, New Braunfels, TX

Mar. 1, 2017