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Construction Diaries – Corpus Christi: A little background

It’s hard to beat the excitement about the building of our newest park in Corpus Christi. We knew we were going to have some big fans, but when 500 people showed up for our groundbreaking, even our enthusiastic crew was taken aback.     We ran out of everything because we foolishly planned for 300 (which was already 3 times more people than we ever have at a ground breaking). But Corpus is AWESOME. Everyone was there.   Mr. Bob, as we call our founder, Mr. Bob Henry, noted that he’s always wanted to build a park in Corpus...

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You Are an Eagle: You Can Soar!

One of the best ways to see Schlitterbahn is from 100 feet…straight…UP! Chris Ozimek, Marketing Director at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island and one of the first to ride Galveston’s Soaring Eagle answered some of my questions about what it is like to fly like an Eagle.   Me: How does the zipline work exactly? Chris: Similar to a ski lift, you actually sit on the ride. First you soar backward and then you zip forward in the air at speeds reaching 30 mph. Me: What can you see – if you don’t keep your eyes closed (like me)? Chris: Mostly...

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Schlitterbahn Rocks

Every since visiting the original Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, I've been a fan of these water parks and have returned often. In 2014, we bought a season pass to the park in Galveston and visited at least 10 times. My daughter loves it and constantly asks to go back ...
Overall, Schlitterbahn is worth the time and money. In my opinion, the park in Galveston is just as good as the one in New Braunfels. So go and stay all day! Have fun! --Joseph, Trip Advisor for Galveston location

Jan. 5, 2016

“Lived here 33 years. Here’s the lowdown”

I've lived in New Braunfels for 33 years. Here is my take on Schlitterbahn. It's a fun place for families or singles. It is in two sections so if you get tired of one you can go to another via shuttle. Lots and lots of different rides ranging from just floating to wild ones. There are sections in both parks for young children with lounge chairs for moms and dads. This is my one big tip: go the first week in June or wait until late August. During the height of the season lines can be long and it's very hot here. Wear water shoes as you'll be doing the hot asphalt dance if you don't have any, bring sunblock, etc. They let coolers in so park somewhere where all family members can meet. It's been my experience that theft is minimal and for our family we have never had a problem. Hope this helps and have fun!

- Rebecca K., TripAdvisor August 2016, San Antonio, TX

Mar. 1, 2017

It’s best for summer fun

Visited last winter, which happened to be a cold winter in TX, They did a good job of making the place bearable considering how cold it was outside... we had a family blast and made the best of it considering the weather. Need to revisit in the summer to get the full experience. --Jalayola, Trip Advisor for GalvestonĀ location

Jan. 5, 2016