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Construction Diaries: Corpus Christi – Swim up bar and Chute!

In Corpus Christi our crews have had some real fun lately putting the finishing touches on what has to be one of our most gorgeous swim up bars. Not everyone realizes, but the first swim up bars were at Schlitterbahn, where we know mom and dad don’t mind having an adult beverage while keeping an eye on the little ones. And this beauty is going to be the perfect place to order up a cold beer or frozen margarita. That’s Kate Messer from the Austin Chronicle. She came by to get the inside scoop on what’s happening in Schlitterbahn...

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Construction Diaries: New In Galveston

What’s going on?  Recently, large shipments began arriving at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island and speculation is running wild. Are those sections of fiberglass and steel currently occupying a parking lot next to the Indoor Waterpark?  Yes, that’s exactly what they are. What’s it going to be?  Unfortunately, I’ve been sworn to secrecy and can’t be specific.  Suffice to say we’re all crazy with anticipation! This is going to be the best summer...

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Corpus Christi Top FAQ’s: You asked, we answered!

When is opening day? Waterparks and theme parks have one huge disadvantage when it comes to building – all our stuff is outside!  Things like the weather can have a huge impact on opening dates. So rather than announce an opening this far out, we are going to work diligently and hope for good weather. As we get closer we will be announcing our opening date on our Facebook page, on this blog, on slow moving turtles, EVERYWHERE! We want everything to be perfect for opening day! When will season passes be available for purchase? We are still working on pricing. We want to...

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Construction Diaries: Galveston

Locals on Galveston Island were greeted with a strange sight last week–two of our slides had vanished!  The fiberglass sections that made up the F5 Twin Twisters body slides were gone from the tallest slide tower in the park.  Our rivers may look strange without water in them during the winter months, but that’s nothing compared to the site of one of our signature attractions suddenly gone. BEFORE & AFTER                          Well have no fear…at least not until the new themed experience that replaces the F5 Twin Twisters opens this summer! Construction began January 23 and the is expected to be complete by Memorial Day weekend. Details about the new ride...

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The Shutdown Countdown

The clock is ticking for Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark.  Each January and February when our park is closed you’d think would be a slow time.  It’s just the opposite at SGIW. We take the opportunity to perform annual maintenance and rehabilitation on our park. Schlitterbahn Galveston Island is open for three thrilling seasons spanning 10 months.  That leaves eight weeks to make any repairs, changes or improvements to our facilities.  Shutdown 2014 is shaping up to be one of the busiest.  The Rohr! and Faust & Furious body slides are getting a new gel coat and the F5 Twin Twister...

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“A MUST Visit!!”

This is by far the best waterpark I've ever visited, and I've been to many. It is huge and there is so much to do. The lazy river is just amazing and goes on and on forever. And the wave pool is so much fun. There's plenty of chairs and tables to put your belongings, and you can bring your own cooler with your own food which I would advise you to do. Love it, love, love it!! I can't wait to go back next year!!

- Luciij, TripAdvisor August 2016, Mount Laurel, NJ

Mar. 1, 2017

“Best Family Fun Time!”

There's always something fun to do at Schlitterbahn -- whether you like riding thrill rides, floating an endless river, or simply lounging by the pool. -- Lisa W., Trip Advisor

Dec. 31, 2015

“We Loved Schlitterbahn!”

There is something for everyone at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels! Young and old. Our favorite ride was The Falls. This is one massive lazy river with several different features. You can circle the whole east side (new side) of the park and never have to get out of your tube. There are rapids and slow parts. This was great for our family consisting of two adults, a 10 year old and a 2 year old. We all could ride together and there was some thrill and some laziness. There are lots of big water roller coasters too for the thrill seekers.

There are lots of different areas for small children. My 10 y/o and I would go on the big rides and my husband would hang with the 2 y/o and we would switch. I recommend planning 2 days minimum to experience it all. We did the East side the first day and the West side the second day. There is a free tram that will take you back and forth from park to park. The west side is spring fed water and it's extremely cold, even in the heat of the summer.

We stayed off site and when we go back we will book a room at the resort for convenience sake. It's not that much more expensive for an "economy" room and admission is included in the price. Also, you get access to the park an hour earlier this way. This can help you stake out your spot of loungers and get in line for the rides with the big crowd draw.

They allow you to bring your own cooler of food and water. This is a great way to save on meals and snacks. We just left it at our chairs and no one ever bothered it.

We will definitely be back!

- GlitterButton, TripAdvisor June 2016, Moore, OK

Mar. 1, 2017