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MASSIV Update: Footers

Before it’s time to put in steel towers for MASSIV, World’s Tallest Water Coaster, one must dig deep. Not within ourselves, because we did that a long time ago when we first started thinking about taking on this massive project. Dig deep into the ground! Dig deep into the ground! These footers for MASSIV’s to are five feet deep and about 15 feet by 15 feet. Of course, this area had vegetation, so  there are some palm trees in the way. Our landscapers will be in to move them. Then the digging will continue. And continue. And continue! Here’s a...

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Project Updates: MASSIV – The World’s Tallest Water Coaster

Something MASSIVE is in store for Schlitterbahn Galveston Island this summer. First it was the longest river ride, then the longest torrent (action) river ride, then the tallest waterslide. Now, Schlitterbahn is building the world’s tallest water coaster and putting it in the award-winning Schlitterbahn Waterpark on Galveston Island! Called MASSIV, the German word for massive, the water coaster will be in place in time for the waterpark’s 10th Anniversary celebration this summer. Schlitterbahn Galveston Island is home to more thrill rides than any other Schlitterbahn Waterpark, making it the perfect home for this record-breaking ride. As insiders to...

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Meet Mamba and Cobra – the Screaming Serpents

  You’ll be happy to know that our  Screaming Serpents now have names – just like any fraternal twins they deserve individual names, don’t they?   We held the contest on Facebook and Mamba and Cobra won. We had a house favorite too – Sir Pent and Miss Hissy. Proving once again that Schlitterbahn fans are the best!   The twins… er…, the Screaming Serpents also had a quick preview thanks to the KPRC morning show. You can watch the clips here:   Ruben! Next time we want to see those abs! LOL     We will be posting POV...

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Construction Diaries: Galveston – Fangs

For years, the F5 has been that ride in Galveston. The one you and your fellow thrill seekers look at and say “Whoa, that’s crazy!” The twists are very disorienting for anyone in the ride, some riders have been heard to compare it with a spin cycle on a washing machine.     When we got the new that it was time to replace the fiberglass, ride designers around here decided to go with something with a little more bite.   Perhaps they got carried away.   The new ride features, among other things, some serious looking serpent heads....

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Construction Diaries: Galveston – Something Twisted This Way Comes

You may remember that something large went missing in Galveston.   The good news is something is rising on the tower where the F5 used to be, and it’s looking pretty amazing. It’s one thing to see a ride come down, but it’s much more fun to see what’s coming in its place. It’s something orange. And green.       And here you can see it getting a little twisted…     We’ll have more images soon – but you can get a jump ahead by heading over to the park and checking it out live and in...

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“Worth the off season price!”

I stayed in the luxury tree house during off season. It is nestled amongst the tremendous water park which is currently closed. The tree house itself was immaculate on the inside. The beds are amazing and the furniture has the tree house look. You actually check in at a location off site which went very smooth. ...Off season this place is QUIET!!! Great sleeping. There is a river running along your tree house. I would imagine in season the noise level would be another story but then again your staying inside a water park. I can't imagine this not being heaven for any kid in the middle of summer. --Bookiepoo, TripAdvisor

Dec. 31, 2015

“Great place to spend your Summer!”

I make it a point to invest in season passes for my entire family year after year. This place offers plenty of shade, bring your own food, (a must for that busy mom) and of course attraction for all ages. Every life guard is professionally trained and has hours of continuing education per year. I can not rave on their customer service enough, the entire staff from front entrance to gift shop employees are very professional and helpful. Blessed to live so close to one of the Worlds BEST (if not the best) waterparks.

- JulietM3331BW, TripAdvisor August 2016, New Braunfels, TX

Mar. 1, 2017

“We Loved Schlitterbahn!”

There is something for everyone at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels! Young and old. Our favorite ride was The Falls. This is one massive lazy river with several different features. You can circle the whole east side (new side) of the park and never have to get out of your tube. There are rapids and slow parts. This was great for our family consisting of two adults, a 10 year old and a 2 year old. We all could ride together and there was some thrill and some laziness. There are lots of big water roller coasters too for the thrill seekers.

There are lots of different areas for small children. My 10 y/o and I would go on the big rides and my husband would hang with the 2 y/o and we would switch. I recommend planning 2 days minimum to experience it all. We did the East side the first day and the West side the second day. There is a free tram that will take you back and forth from park to park. The west side is spring fed water and it's extremely cold, even in the heat of the summer.

We stayed off site and when we go back we will book a room at the resort for convenience sake. It's not that much more expensive for an "economy" room and admission is included in the price. Also, you get access to the park an hour earlier this way. This can help you stake out your spot of loungers and get in line for the rides with the big crowd draw.

They allow you to bring your own cooler of food and water. This is a great way to save on meals and snacks. We just left it at our chairs and no one ever bothered it.

We will definitely be back!

- GlitterButton, TripAdvisor June 2016, Moore, OK

Mar. 1, 2017